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Gioco da tavolo in edizione Inglese/Tedesca

2400 AD. The fossil energy reserves of the earth are almost exhausted.
In this science‐fiction space game designed by Brigitte and Wolfgang Ditt players try to solar mine the suns of other galaxies by managing tight resources.
Space stations equipped with high‐performance solar panels called Solaris circle red giants and send the generated energy directly to the earth using the new laser and wormhole technology. Solaris is a strategy game won by the player who manages the tight resources the best.
• Full of strategic and tactical choices
• Rich and thematic world
• Online rules available in EN/DE


• 6 Station tableaus
• 1 Laser centre tableau
• 5 Overview tile
• 35 token, 7 per player
• 1 station marker
• 10 start position tiles, 5 A tiles, 5 B tiles
• 1 turn marker
• 8 energy bridge tiles
• 4 energy transport token
• 108 energy cards

  • Lingua Inglese, Tedesco
  • Dip lingua Nessuna. Assenza di testo nel gioco.
  • Autore Wolfgang Ditt, Brigitte Ditt
  • Giocatori 3-5
  • Età 12+
  • Durata 60 min
  • Anno 2017